BISOU- A little sugar & a whole lot of love!

Hello Peeps! Today being New Year’s Eve, I thought what better way to end 2016 than on a sweet note. So this blog is dedicated to my favourite cupcake shop, BISOU in Suria KLCC, 3rd floor. BISOU- is a French term meaning Kiss! Quite an apt name for the bakery as their cupcakes are likeContinue reading “BISOU- A little sugar & a whole lot of love!”

Patissez (Bangsar, KL)- Of freakshakes & pastas

  This quaint little café in the heart of Jalan Telawi in upscale Bangsar is slowly becoming one of my favourite places to eat out in KL. It’s the home of the original freakshakes (Patissez in Australia) which is quite popular for being ridiculously over the top. Look at the picture below to know what IContinue reading “Patissez (Bangsar, KL)- Of freakshakes & pastas”

Sanook- A little thai gem

So guess who’s back from a hiatus 🙂 2016 has been a roller-coaster ride, some ups, many downs 😦 but that’s life. What I learned is that you should treasure each and every moment you spend with your dear ones and never let the passion in you die. So I have decided to follow my loveContinue reading “Sanook- A little thai gem”

Ray classic Mahanagar & Narkel diye aloo posto (fried potatoes with grated coconut & poppy seeds)

Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week   -H.W Longfellow Since childhood, Sundays have always meant celebration. From waking up late to watching television for an extra hour, lazing around, playing with friends in the park even in scorching heat & most importantly that special Sunday lunch. Bongs areContinue reading “Ray classic Mahanagar & Narkel diye aloo posto (fried potatoes with grated coconut & poppy seeds)”

Shorshe Chingri Bhape (Steamed prawns in mustard- green chilli sauce)

Since my arrival in KL, I have had an amazing food journey. This city is a melting pot of culture & thanks to that I have experienced not just Malay but Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Cantonese, Singaporean & many more such cuisines. So mostly when the husband & I go out on weekends for dinner, weContinue reading “Shorshe Chingri Bhape (Steamed prawns in mustard- green chilli sauce)”

Sponge cake (with dry fruits & chocolate bits)

It was quite sometime that I was craving for simple homemade cakes. The market is flooded with its richer varieties- loaded with cream, ganache, fondant & frostings. No doubt they are absolutely lip-smacking & worth indulging on cheat days but for me nothing is as comforting as a warm slice of the humble homemade spongeContinue reading “Sponge cake (with dry fruits & chocolate bits)”

Rustic Chilli Garlic Naan

Perks of being a teacher. Yes, I used to teach at a leading hotel management institute in Calcutta. Those were some memorable days! Classes, assignments, exams, paper corrections, celebrating festivals, cultural activities..and so on. But among all these things, I also got to learn some really amazing recipes from different corners of India. One ofContinue reading “Rustic Chilli Garlic Naan”

Of biriyani, haleem & kheer- Happy Eid

Eid is synonymous with lip-smacking food, celebrations galore, laughter, decking up homes in colourful & vibrant hues, gifts & most importantly big warm hugs! Muslims in all parts of the world will usher in Eid-Ul-Fitr around 17th of July (depending on moon sighting) finally marking the end of Ramadan. I am filled with nostalgia asContinue reading “Of biriyani, haleem & kheer- Happy Eid”

Rainy day munching & a happy start

Crunchy vegetable pakoras Its a lazy rainy morning. One of those days when you want to drink a steaming cup of coffee (green tea in my case 😀 ) & gorge on some munchies all snuggled up in bed of course! As I stared out of my window, I was reminded of my days backContinue reading “Rainy day munching & a happy start”