BISOU- A little sugar & a whole lot of love!

Hello Peeps! Today being New Year’s Eve, I thought what better way to end 2016 than on a sweet note. So this blog is dedicated to my favourite cupcake shop, BISOU in Suria KLCC, 3rd floor. BISOU- is a French term meaning Kiss! Quite an apt name for the bakery as their cupcakes are likeContinue reading “BISOU- A little sugar & a whole lot of love!”

Patissez (Bangsar, KL)- Of freakshakes & pastas

  This quaint little café in the heart of Jalan Telawi in upscale Bangsar is slowly becoming one of my favourite places to eat out in KL. It’s the home of the original freakshakes (Patissez in Australia) which is quite popular for being ridiculously over the top. Look at the picture below to know what IContinue reading “Patissez (Bangsar, KL)- Of freakshakes & pastas”

Sanook- A little thai gem

So guess who’s back from a hiatus 🙂 2016 has been a roller-coaster ride, some ups, many downs 😦 but that’s life. What I learned is that you should treasure each and every moment you spend with your dear ones and never let the passion in you die. So I have decided to follow my loveContinue reading “Sanook- A little thai gem”